What to bring to your appointment

Gross income
Office In The Home:
Cost of goods sold
Square foot of home
Ending inventory (at cost)
Square foot of dedicated office space
Interest paid on home
Business Expenses (including):
Taxes paid on home
Total utilities
Advertising, promotion
Homeowners insurance
Auto expenses, mileage
Repairs & maintenance
Bank charges
Total cost of home
Charitable contributions
Clothing, uniforms
Assets (items w/useful life of more than 1 year):
Internet, website hosting
Continuing education
Description of item, date purchased and amount paid
Contract services
Delivery, postage, shipping supplies
Dues, subscriptions
Employee benefits
General business supplies
Insurance pertaining to business
Licenses, permits
Office supplies
Pension, profit sharing
Rentals on equipment
Repairs & maintenance
Taxes: State & local, property, payroll
Telephone expenses for business, land, cell
Travel, lodging

How Long To Keep Tax Returns:

5 years= tax return - can be longer for assetts that
    aren't sold - ie: stocks, bonds, property
7 years= payroll

*Non-deductible effective 2018 tax year